ors into leads.
ors into leads.
ors into leads.
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We’re Going Back to School with KCare Academy!

At extendedReach, we pride ourselves on providing unrivaled customer service to our customers, but we wanted to take things a step further. We are so excited to announce KCare Academy!

KCare Academy Banner

Through our online platform, your agency can take self-guided extendedReach training courses, broken up into small sections that are easy to punch out whenever you have a little time. This resource is available to you and your colleagues at no extra cost – our way of saying thank you for all your hard work.

Register today for KCare Academy and get access to these extendedReach courses:

  • Basic User Training (7 lessons currently available)
  • System Administrator Training (5 lessons currently available)
… with many more to come.

To fully understand the lessons and concepts, we recommend completing the training on one monitor with extendedReach open on your other monitor. If that’s not possible, simply watching the training and taking good notes is great.

Register at academy.k-care.com today!