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Foster Care Software Features

Our industry-leading social services software features and workflows are guaranteed to increase productivity while enabling you to serve more clients.

Access Information Anywhere

extendedReach by KCare can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection, supported on all desktop, tablet, and mobile web browsers 

Custom Documents and Forms

Easy conversion of internal and state files into Word documents, online web documents, and custom forms allows users to fully customize and manage their casework, 100% paperless

iconxs-09Foster Family Website

Inquiries, applicants, and licensed resource homes can use the Foster Family Website to register for training, and upload documentation


Effortless Collaboration

Share documents with supervisors, county workers, or the leadership team and receive notifications of upcoming case events


API Interfacing

Discover organizational interoperability with supported integrations to various third-party systems from extendedReach by KCare

Seamless Signature Collection

Easily sign off on notes or request signatures from external individuals using the remote signature collection feature


Auditor Logins

Custom credentials created for Auditors allow them to log in to extendedReach by KCare and see only the data you want them to see


Adjustable User Permissions

Control user access, roles, and their permissions with our flexible user management tool



Going paperless is simple with extendedReach by KCare’s scanner inbox, allowing you to upload and manage all casework with ease

KCare Billing Icon

Accurate Billing

Invoices creation, insurance claims, and days care billing is made quick and easy and integrates with most accounting systems

Customizable & Easy to Use!

The transition to extendedReach was very easy. We were able to customize reports and activities to customize our needs and had more options to do so. The staff with extendedReach were always so helpful and responsive. Since implementation I am still getting messages of how easy the system is and more efficient.

Ashley McNabb, Clinical Director at Hope Hill Youth Services

Helpful Staff & Timely Support

The transition to extendedReach was very smooth with no issues. The extendReach staff were very helpful and took the time needed for the staff to get totally acclimated to the new system. Each time the staff send a question to the help desk, there was a reply within an hour with a screenshot to resolve the problem.

Mark Bouie, Vice President at Meritan, Inc

User-Friendly Case Management

The extendedReach team solicits and listens to customer feedback to inform enhancements to the system. The extendedReach system is user-friendly and the interface is visually clean and easy to navigate. Staff can readily document in the case and home files, and the foster family website is a dream come true!
Nichole Ovington, eR System Administrator at WhimSpire CPA