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Customer Spotlight: Falcon Children's Home & Family Services

Falcon Children’s Home & Family Services is a nonprofit in Falcon, North Carolina with a mission to provide a home for children needing placement. In addition to their Foster Care and Adoptions Program, they offer a Transitional Living Program to prepare foster teens for independence. Falcon Children’s Home COO, Patrick Womack took some time to share what they do and how working with extendedReach has helped them carry out their mission.

Is there an inspiring story or case you’d like the world to know about?
We have a program for teenage girls that are pregnant. We had a young lady come to us who was at least one grade level behind in school when she arrived. Her and her child stayed with us for almost 3 years and when she left, she had a high school diploma and was a CNA 2. She had over $10,000 in savings, a car, and an apartment to move into. She is one of our greatest success stories.

What were some of the pain points you experienced prior to using extendedReach?
The system we were using was very clunky and hard to navigate. Also, everyone was scared to implement items because it was hard to understand how each change could affect other areas.

What is the most rewarding aspect of what you do?
The most rewarding aspect of what we do usually comes years down the road when we see the impact of what we did for the young people that live here with us.

young graduates students group  standing in front of university building on graduation day

What have you been able to achieve since using extendedReach?
We have gone paperless in all aspects of what we do. Also, we have a central place for all our forms in eR.

How has extendedReach exceeded your expectations?
Customer support has exceeded our expectations. They are always there and quick to respond to any issues.

Who would you recommend extendedReach to?
Everyone in our industry working with foster children. We have recommended many peers!

What was one unexpected benefit of using extendedReach?
The Zoho reporting is very robust and gives the ability to run reports on everything!

Donate to Falcon Children’s Home & Family Services:
Those looking to make monetary donations can use PayPal or Aware3. Falcon Children’s Home also has an Amazon Charity Wishlist, so donors can contribute to helping students live happy and healthy lives.

For those in the area that wish to bring by donations, their Donate page has a list of items they currently need.

Thank you, Falcon Children’s Home & Family Services, for everything you do to make a difference in the lives of many families!

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