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New Feature Enables Ethnicity & Tribal Affiliation Field for Foster Homes

The extendedReach foster care software team is excited to announce a new case management software feature to close out 2022!

While users have long been able to add custom fields to capture additional data, we decided to complement the existing “Race” field with an “Ethnicity” field. We have also added a checkbox in which you may select if the parent has a tribal affiliation.

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This feature is available for both Foster Parents and Relationships added on the People tab of the Home record.


Important: As there was not previously a standard “Ethnicity” field, your agency may have been capturing this information in another part of the system, such as a custom field or form, or in the “Race” field. To avoid confusion and redundancy, we recommend retiring that method in favor of the new “Ethnicity” field.


We hope this new feature is helpful for your agency. We understand our customers are working endlessly to positively change the outcomes of thousands of families across the nation, and we are so grateful that you choose extendedReach to help you. We are always here for you.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to info@extendedreach.com or call (800) 913-9883.


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