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Top 3 Tech Must-Haves for Child Welfare Workers

As we continue to usher in an era of new norms, it’s critical to keep up with evolving trends and technologies. In order for child welfare workers to provide the best possible services to their clients, they will need to use cutting edge technology to not only show flexibility in where they meet with their clients, but also how they can track and analyze client data to continually monitor goals and adjust as needed.

Below are the top 3 tech pieces that all child welfare agencies should be using in 2022:

1. Video Conferencing Software

If you don’t have a video conferencing software picked out yet, now is the time to get one. In a post-COVID world, clients will want to keep the flexibility of virtual sessions. Having a video conferencing solution in place helps child welfare workers to pivot to virtual sessions easily and securely. 

When looking for video conferencing software, make sure that the software provider is HIPAA-compliant and user-friendly for clients (and staff). Ideally, the software would also be mobile-friendly and affordable for the agency. 

2. Time Management Software

As they say, “Time is of the essence”, so make sure you are spending yours wisely and making the most out of your workday with time management software. Watching where you spend your time during the day is more than just watching the clock. By using dedicated time management software, you can prioritize and allot time for caseload tasks effectively, taking into consideration deadlines, child and family needs, and legal requirements.

While there are many free time management tools available, the most important features to consider are its time tracking and reporting capabilities. Additional features to keep in mind would be price and available integrations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

3. Case Management Software

A web-based, case management software can help Child and Family Social Service Agencies deliver and track efficient, effective, and consistent services. Case management systems enable your organization to store and track all client data in one central location; data such as client contact information, case notes, medical documents, billing, and client communications.

Out of the 3 technologies, case management software is the only one that will most often require an implementation period to help set up the system and get staff trained. So when it comes time to transition to case management software, it’s crucial to choose one that will customize the solution to fit your agency’s specific needs and provides a dedicated support team to help staff along the way. 

Solutions such as extendedReach not only provide a customized, intuitive client-centric platform, but also has a mobile-friendly interface, allowing workers to make changes to client files and create forms from their phone or tablet while they are out in the field. 

Getting your organization set up with these three tech solutions will not only help you attract and retain clients, but will help workers maximize their productivity throughout the day.

extendedReach powered by KCare is a customizable case management software solution designed with social workers in mind – specializing in foster care, adoption, and behavioral health. Equipped with an intuitive interface and powerful workflows, extendedReach by KCare puts time back in the hands of social workers, empowering them to focus on where it is needed most.

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