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5 Must-Have Features in Foster Care Case Management Software

Many foster care agencies are looking for a better way to record, store, and organize their data without going through a lengthy, complicated transition period. extendedReach is proud to offer a foster care case management software system that is easy to use and very customizable. With our foster care software system, your agency will be able to maintain your normal work processes while the software streamlines your workflow. Ultimately, you and your team get more done.

Take a closer look at five features of extendedReach that will help bring your foster care agency into the modern age with very little hassle.

1. Internet Accessibility

How do you access your current records and case files? Some foster care agencies still operate mainly with pen and paper, and others keep files on one computer hard drive at the office. By upgrading to our foster case management software, you and the rest of the employees at your agency will be able to access files from any device that is connected to the internet. This includes your phone, iPad, your desktop at work, and your laptop at home. As a result, you'll save time and boost productivity.

2. Compliance Tab

Our built-in compliance checklist helps you stay compliant. For example, all upcoming due items are displayed for easy reading, so your clients, homes, and staff members will stay informed. 

3. Custom Form Builder

We offer the flexibility you need to run your agency the way you want to run it. Fully customize the forms on extendedReach to match the way you do business. As a result, this intuitive feature allows you to easily transition into your new foster care case management software. Additionally, it will improve the consistency and accuracy of your records. Convert internal forms, state files, and any other records you get into Word documents, custom forms, and online web documents. We make record keeping simple and efficient.

4. AWS Hosting Partner

Concerned about the security of your sensitive case material? Rest assured that extendedReach offers top-of-the-line security. We are hosted on AWS servers, which offer comprehensive data protection in the cloud. Security is top priority at AWS, and they offer powerful controls and services to maintain that security for their customers. With five data centers scattered throughout the U.S., you can trust that your foster care agency's data will never be lost.

5. Auditor Logins and Adjustable User Permissions

We designed extendedReach to be used by many people, including case workers, foster care families, supervisors, and more. As administrator of your foster care agency, you can give people access to certain data and features on the software system based on their role. Easily adjust their user permissions, so they don't have access to irrelevant or private information. Custom credentials created for your auditors allow them to log into the system with their own unique usernames and passwords. As a result, they will be able to access their specific data via their computer, phone, or other devices that have an internet connection.

Current users of extendedReach love the usability of this foster care software system. Ashley McNabb, Clinical Director at Hope Hill Youth Services, says:

The transition to extendedReach was very easy. We were able to customize reports and activities to customize our needs and had more options to do so. The staff with extendedReach were always so helpful and responsive. Since implementation I am still getting messages of how easy the system is and more efficient.

Want to learn more about our versatile, intuitive foster care case management software and how it can benefit your foster care agency? Take a closer look at the unique features of extendedReach, and then contact one of our helpful representatives to request a demo. This is one offer that will truly make your agency run better.

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